Old Town

Travel in time by visiting the Old Town of Rhodes. Amaze yourselves by walking through The Knights Street and take your mind a trip to the deepest roots of the Greek history. Relieve all the histories told about knights and castles and even create your own. During your visit there you will certainly see one of the many cannon balls thrown around since the Knights Ages, decorating the outside of the old town. You will be surrounded by stone buildings with Gothic arches that have stayed intact since the 15th and 16th century.

Next, Visit the Palace of the Grand Masters defended by massive walls, which is standing as one of the greatest masterpieces. Walk through the ramparts of the old town walls and enjoy the whole view of the town from its highest point. The Hospital of Knights, Built between 1440 and 1489, is used today as an attractive archeological museum. Take a closer look to all the various ancient finds from archeological sites of the island, including marble statues, urns, stunning mosaics and the unique 1st century’s marble figure of Aphrodite of Rhodes.